ICS Stands for in Education Pakistan

ICS Stands for in Education Pakistan

People think about what ICS stands for in education. For their knowledge, ICS stands for Intermediate in Computer Science. ICS is a two-year educational process after matriculation. Students opt for ICS if they are interested in choosing computer science or software engineering in future. It is an intermediate program like FA and FSc. In this article, we will learn more about the subjects, the difference between FSc and ICS, the best combination of ICS for students, eligibility criteria, results, the best fields for girls and the top fields after ICS.

What are the Subjects of ICS

Like FA and FSc, ICS has one additional subject, tarajamatul Quran. This subject has been added to Pakistan’s education system. The detailed list of compulsory subjects is given below:

  • English
  • Islamiyat
  • Pak studies
  • Tarjamtul Quran
  • Urdu

Elective Subjects 

  • Physics-Maths-Computer Science
  • Stats-Economics-Computer Science
  • Stats-Maths-Computer Science

Difference between FSc and ICS

The faculty of science is quite different from the intermediate of computer science. First of all, Both fields have different subjects. All of the subjects are not different, but some of the subjects are different. In FSc, biology and mathematics are used for pre-medical and pre-engineering. On the other hand, ICS has three elective subject domains. These are Physics-Maths-Computer Science, Stats-Economics-Computer Science, Stats-Maths-Computer Science. You have to opt for one domain of any of these three. 

What to choose after Matric?

If you are confused about what to choose after enrollment, I recommend you go for ICS. This is the age of revolutions. If you opt for an intermediate in computer science, you will perform better in software engineering and other fields of computers. This is the age of computers, and they have played an integral role in every field.

Which Combination is Best For ICS?

CombiningThe combination of subjects for ICS depends upon the interests and tastes of the students. If someone is interested in Statistics, he has to opt for Mathematics and computer science to achieve good marks. If someone is interested in Economics, he has to opt for statistics and computer science to achieve good marks. Mathematics and Statistics are two conventional subjects; if you are not interested in these subjects, you must opt for the Physics-Maths-Computer Science group. I prefer Physics-Maths-Computer Science to other groups. These are subjects in which students are associated in their previous studies.

Physics-Maths-Computer Science group best subjects for ics

How do students prepare for the ICS exam?

If you are having confusion how to prepare for the ICS exam, you do not need to worry. You must go through the current year’s paper pattern and plan your study accordingly. You can also assess your preparation through model papers. For the best preparation, you must have to attend regular prices classes. To only pass marks, you must consider the objective part fully. In this way, you will pass the exam very easily.

What are the Eligibility Criteria for ICS Admission?

You must have 33% in matriculation results to be admitted to ICS. If you have a lower percentage than 33, your possibility of taking admission becomes less.

Top Fields to Opt for Girls After ICS

Girls have various rewarding career options after completing ICS (Intermediate in Computer Science). One popular choice is software development, where they can create applications and software solutions for different industries. 

Another option is web development, which involves designing and building websites. Girls can also pursue careers in database administration and managing and maintaining organizational databases.

Network administration is another field to consider, involving the management of computer networks. Cybersecurity is a growing field that offers opportunities to protect organizations from cyber threats. Additionally, girls can explore roles in IT support, digital marketing, and computer science research. 

These fields offer diverse opportunities for girls with an ICS background to excel and make a meaningful impact in technology.


ICS stands for Intermediate in Computer Science. The various subjects and the best combination for doing ICS are mentioned above. Additionally, admission criteria and top fields for girls have also been discussed.


Can I do ICS Online?

Yes! You can do ICS online. You can seek help from YouTube and other apps for the best mentoring.

ICS stands for?

ICS stands for Intermediate in Computer Science.

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