ADA and ADS Education in Pakistan

ADA and ADS Education in Pakistan

ADA and ADS stand for Associate Degree in Arts and Associate Degree in Science, respectively. It is the degree program that starts after the F.A. and FSc. ADA is a general program. It is a two-year degree program. It is equal to BA. You can also do the next two years in the university, which is equal to a master’s degree.

The first two years can also be done in an affiliated college. The exams are conducted and checked by the universities. Moreover, universities have affiliated government colleges that perform the role of a university, but the exams conducted are directly linked with the university. The student can obtain the first two years of education in the affiliated college, but the last two years are compulsory for the students in the respective university.

What are the admission requirements for ADA and ADS in 2024?

If you have completed your intermediate level in arts or science, you can enroll in ADA or ADS. You need passing marks to gain admission to Associate Degree Programs (ADP). On the contrary, BA needs 45% marks for enrollment. 

Fee Structure of ADA and ADS in 2024

ADA and ADS per semester fees in the public sectors are Rs. 5000 to 6500 and Rs. 7000 to 8500 respectively. On the other hand, the Allama Iqbal Open University has a fee of Rs—2740. 

Fee Structure of ADA and ADS in 2024

Subjects of ADA

These are compulsory subjects for the first semester; you must choose one elective subject for three credit hours.

Course CodeSubjectsMediumCredit Hours
417Pak studiesUrdu3
1423English Part 1English3

Elective subjects

Course CodeSubjectsMediumCredit Hours
406Pakistan EconomicUrdu6
407Modern Islamic WorldUrdu6
409Commercial GeographyUrdu6
412Cultutral and Social AnthropologyUrdu6

Subjects in ADS

Islamic studyEnglishPak study

Result of ADA and ADS 2024

If you have chosen the ADA or ADS semester system, your result will be displayed on the notice board within 20 days after conducting the paper. The universities take two weeks to compile complete results. On the other hand, if you have opted for the annual system, your result will also be displayed 20 days after taking exams.

What is the process for a supplementary exam in ADA and ADS in 2024?

In ADA exams, if you fail in one subject, you must take a supplementary exam to pass your semester. The supply fee of ADA and ADS is Rs. 8500 and 10000, respectively, usually varying from university to university. You can enroll for your supply exam with the enrollment for next semester. On the other hand, you can also take and enroll in the summer semester.

University offering ADA and ADS in 2024?

Three universities mainly offer ADA and ADS. These are

  • Punjab Univerity Lahore
  • Sarghoda University
  • Government College University Faislabad
  • BZU.

Which is a better semester or annual system for ADA and ADS?

Both systems are equally reasonable and necessary. You can enroll in the annual system if you do not desire to do the semester system. I prefer the semester system because it is the best way to obtain good marks and have a syllabus. It is not much of a burden. It provides ease to students. In another case, you must go without fear if you want to go with the annual system. 


Is B.A. still available in Pakistan?

According to the final direction issued by HEC in 2019, all the public and private universities must abolish B.A. and BSc degree programs and start the Associate Degree Program (ADP).

Is a B.A. still available at Punjab University?

Yes! Punjab University Pakistan offers B.A. and BSc programs. Admission starts from January to February. You can enroll until 28 February with a fine.

What is the fee structure of B.A. and BSc?

B.A. first part fee is Rs. 49000 and BSc fee is Rs. 5650

Which is a better degree, B.A. or B.S.?

You can relax if you need clarification on the best degree, B.A. or B.S. Both fields have their scope and opportunities. It would help if you refrained from critiquing any field based on whether it is good or bad. You may characterize based on your interest.

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