Biography of Allama Nasir Madni

Allama Nasir Madni; A complete Biography

Allama Nasir Madni is a well-known Pakistani Islamic scholar. He is famous for his funny bayans and luxury lifestyle. He is renowned among young ones because of his unique style of preaching. In this blog, we will deep dive into Allama Nasir early life and education, net worth, major income source, accomplishments and achievements, best-selling books, social media accounts, wife, siblings, and parents.

Biography of Allama Nasir Madni

NameMuhammad Nasir Madni
Date of Birth25 March 1985
Age39 years (age calculator)
Zodiac signFather
Birth PlaceLahore, Pakistan
ResidenceLahore, Pakistan
TeacherWill be updated soon
Net Worth50 million PKR

Early Life and Education

Allama Madni spent his early life in Lahore. He obtained his early education in Lahore. According to a source, he graduated from Punjab University Lahore. 

Engineer Allama Nasir Madni’s Net Worth and Major Income Source

Muhammad Nasir net worth is $178k. He has his own personal businesses. His primary income sources are his business and YouTube because his YouTube and Social media channels are monetized. 

Note: The net worth in dollars when 1 USD is approximately 279 PKR.

Best Selling Books of Allama Nasir Madni

  • Tasawuf Tareqat Sajada Nasheeni

Official Social Media Accounts of Allama Nasir Madni

  1. YouTube: Allama Nasir Madni Official
  2. Facebook: Muhammad Nasir Madni Official

Allama Nasir Madni Contact Number

0300 8884087

Email Address:


What is the caste of Allama Nasir Madni?

The caste of Allama Nasir Madni is Jutt Arain.

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