F.A. Stands for in Education

F.A. Stands for in Education

In education, F.A. stands for Faculty of Arts. It is claimed that F.A. stands for the Education of Fine Arts. Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (B.I.S.E.) Pakistan conducts the F.A. exams. In this article, we will learn more about what an F.A. degree means, what an F.A. degree is, what diploma courses after F.A. are, and the best fields for girls in A.D.A.

What is F.A. degree: a complete guide

F.A. degree means a two-year fine arts program that starts after matriculation. On the contrary, A.D.A. is a four-year program. It is also done after matriculation. 

It is upon the students whether they want to continue their studies in arts if they have enrollment in science subjects. Sometimes, students shift their domain from science to arts. They do matriculation in science but opt for fine arts for further studies. FSc has all compulsory subjects. If you are an FSc student, you choose the subjects. On the contrary, F.A. has options for students to select the subjects of their own choice. In F.A., there are two domains of subjects. One domain is compulsory, and the other is optional. The list of mandatory subjects is given below:

  • English
  • Urdu 
  • Pakistan Studies / Islamiyat
  • Tarjamtul Quran

Here are the different groups of optional subjects given. Students must choose one subject from each of the following groups. Students can only select one subject from one group.

Group 1st

Languages (English Literature, Persian, French and Punjabi)Advanced urdu
ArabicWorld History
Library Science

Group 2nd

SciologyFine ArtsHome Economics

Group 3rd

Physical educationMusicEducation
PsychologyIslamic HistoryComputer

What courses can be taken after obtaining an FA Degree?

Before diving deep into the opportunities of courses that can be done after doing an FA, let’s clarify that the FA degree has a wide scope in Pakistan. You can win a prestigious job after obtaining a degree from the faculty of arts. You can take advantage of the following degree programs after completing your FA:

  • Associate Degree of Arts
  • Bachelor of Education ( BA Ed.)
  • Bachelors of Law (LLB)
  • Bachelors of Commerce (B.com)
  • Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA)
  • Bachelor in Mass Communications
  • Bachelor in Fashion Designing
  • Bachelor of Textile Designing
  • Bachelor in Journalism
  • Bachelor in Psychology
  • Bachelor of Economics
  • Bachelor of Social Work
  • Bachelor in Physical Education
  • Bachelor in Political Science
  • Bachelor in International Relations
  • Diploma course.

Diploma Courses

These diploma courses can be taken after the FA in Pakistan. The list is given below;

  • Information Technology
  • Fashion Designing
  • Professional Makeup Artist
  • Interior Designing
  • Radio Jockey (RJ)
  • Disk Jockey (DJ)
  • Multimedia
Diploma Courses after F.A.

What can be done after opting for arts subjects in Pakitan?

There are various opportunities after opting for the FA degree in Pakistan. You do not need to worry about your career. The career option details are given below:

  • Painter: To become a painter, you must develop your artistic skills through practice and possibly FA education. You can start by experimenting with different mediums and techniques and building a portfolio of your work.
  • Singer: Becoming a singer often involves developing your vocal skills through training and practice. You can take singing lessons, participate in local performances, and build a presence on social media to showcase your talent.
  • Actor: Actors portray characters in movies, plays, and TV shows. To become an actor, you can attend acting classes, audition for roles, and build a strong resume and portfolio.
  • Digital Media Consultant: Digital media consultants help businesses with their online presence, including social media, websites, and digital marketing strategies. To become a digital media consultant, you’ll need a strong understanding of digital marketing trends and strategies.
  • Journalist, Content Writer: Journalists and writers create content for various platforms. To become a journalist or content writer, you’ll need strong writing skills, creativity, and a degree in journalism or a related field.
  • Business Executive: Business executives oversee the operations of a company or organization. To become a business executive, you’ll need strong leadership skills, business acumen, and often a degree in business administration or a related field.
  • Entrepreneur: Entrepreneurs start and manage their businesses. To become an entrepreneur, you’ll need a strong business idea, determination, and the ability to take risks.
  • Physical Education / Coach: Teachers and coaches help individuals improve their physical fitness and skills. To become a physical education teacher or coach, you’ll need a degree in physical education or a related field and certifications in coaching.
  • Competitive Exams: You can also take competitive exams and do Civil Superior Service (CSS) and Provincial Management Service (PMS).

Which field is the best for girls after completing FA?

The faculty of Arts has various opportunities for girls. You do not need to worry if you have chosen arts subjects; they have a greater scope than science subjects. Select Arabic ADA, physical education, and Islamiyat if you have completed your FA. Each year, many seats of lecturers and teachers remain unfilled because of a lack of application from these subjects. People usually prefer science subjects, but by choosing arts, they can secure government jobs quickly and serve Pakistan on the frontline. Women are assets of Pakistani Society. They are opting for a suitable field that can not only serve Pakistan but also raise the standards of Society.


What does the FA stand for?

FA stands for Fine Arts / Faculty of Arts in Education in Pakistan.

Which is more complex, FA or FSc?

If we take both domains for complex purposes, they may be redundant. In FA, students have some relief. They can opt for the subject according to their desires. On the other hand, FSC has compulsory subjects that are essential to opt for and pass each subject.

Can I complete FA in one year in Pakistan?

Yes! You can complete FA in one year in Pakistan because some educational institutes offer students the opportunity to do FA in one year.

Is FA available in Allama Iqbal Open University?

Yes! FA is still available in Allama Iqbal Open University; You can take admission in both the Autumn and Spring semesters.

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