Scooty Rates Pakistan

Scooty Rates Pakistan

Pakistan is a country in which women are equally empowered as men. Men usually ride bikes, and girls use scooters. People have wondered about the scooty rates Pakistan. Their rates start from 85,000 PKR to 235,000 PKR. Here, we have solved their problem.

Scooty rates for girls in Pakistan may vary depending on the brands. However, electric scooters have different price ranges.

Top Scooties Brands and Prices in Pakistan 2024

According to the source Pakwheels Pakistan, these are the scooties available in 2024. The scooter prices in Pakistan are mentioned below in the price section.

Brand NameMini and Max Price
ApriliaRs. 85000 – 165000
Evee Flipper/  NisaRs. 95000 – 155000
YJ FutureRs. 155000 – 165000
EzbikeRs. 95000
Super Power 70cc ScootyRs. 165000 – 235000
Top scooty brands rates in Pakistan

Honda Scooties

Honda has a loyal customer base and is well-reputed for its good quality products. Honda has attracted young girls and ladies to buy its luxurious, comfortable scooters. It is reported that Honda has 80% better mileage than the other scooters in Pakistan. The Honda scooty 50cc rates vary from 85000 PKR to 155000 PKR. The Honda scooty 50cc rates vary from 85000 PKR to 155000 PKR. The Honda scooty EVS07 rates vary from Rs. 315000 – 360000. The Honda scooty EV U-DE rates vary from Rs. 315000 – 335000. The Honda scooty EV U-DE Cross rates vary from 315000 PKR to 360000 PKR.

HondaMini and Max Price
Honda scooty 50ccRs. 85000 – 155000
Honda scooty EVS07Rs. 315000 – 360000
Honda scooty EV U-DERs. 315000 – 335000
Honda scooty EV U-DE CrossRs. 315000 – 360000
Honda DioRs. 200000 – 260000
Honda Dio rates in Pakistan

Suzuki Scooties

Sazuki brand is not only attracting men to buy their motorbike but also attracting ladies to buy scooties. Because of comfortable sitting and smooth running, Suzuki has made a potential customer base in Pakistan. Sazuki sakoti price has been mentioned below:

SuzukiMini and Max Price
Suzuki scooty <50ccRs. 145000 – 210000
Suzuki scooty 100cc – 150ccRs. 135000 – 260000
Suzuki scooty 150cc – 199ccRs. 115000 – 335000
Suzuki Scooties Rates in Pakistan

United Scooty

Sazuki introduced scooty for young girls of Pakistan. United scooty 50cc is locally launched scooty and also known as ladies scooty in Pakistan. It is one of the most cheapest scooty in Pakistan. It is the most suitable selection for those girls that are in leaning phase. The pricing list of United scooty in Pakistan is given below, as per authentice resources and local dealers.

UnitedMini and Max Price
United scooty 50ccRs. 95000 – 110000
United scooty 80ccRs. 135000 – 1650000
United scooty 100ccRs. 145000 – 235000

Electric Scooty Rates Pakistan on OLX

Electric sakoti is environment and user-friendly. It is very convenient for girls. The price range of electric scooters on OLX starts from Rs. 88000. It is the minimum price of electric scooters for girls.

Brand NameYJ Future
PriceRs. 88000
Ignition typeSelf-start
Engine Capacity100cc – 149cc

The maximum price of scooty on OLX is Rs.275500. It is also an automatic scooty. The brand of this scooty is United. It is especially for girls.

Brand NameUnited 100cc Scooty
Ignition typeSelf start
Engine Capacity100cc – 149cc

Scooty Prices in Lahore Pakistan

Sakoti prices in Lahore vary depending on the brand and condition of the scooter. According to sources, the minimum price of a second-hand scooter in Lahore is Rs. 95000. The scooter’s name is Evee Flipper 2024. It is for bicycle boys and children.

Scooty Prices in Lahore

The maximum price of scooty in Lahore Pakistan is Rs. 245000. It is a new Asia Ramza 100cc.

Scooty Rates Pakistan in Karachi

The sakoti prices in Karachi vary depending upon the brands and condition of scooty. According to source PakWheels, The minimum price of 2nd hand scooty in Karachi is Rs. 35000. The name of the scooty is Vespa 150cc 1980.

Scooty Prices in Karachi Pakistan OLX

The maximum price of scooty in Karachi Pakistan is Rs. 220000. It is also the new Asia Ramza 100cc.

FAQ’s about Scooty Rates Pakistan

Which Scooty is best at a low price?

As per research, United Scooty is one of the cheapest and best scooties in Pakistan. It is affordable and very lightweight. The girls can handle it easily. Here is the list of affordable and reliable scooties:

  • United Scooty 70cc
  • Road Prince Robinson 70cc
  • Super Power SP 70cc
  • Unique UD 70cc
  • Power PK Deluxe 70cc

Which Scooty is best for a girl?

Many scooters are famous among girls owing to their features, comfort, and style. According to customer surveys and reviews, Honda Activa and Honda Dio are the best for girls. Here is a list of some of the best scooters for girls in Pakistan.

  • Honda Activa
  • Suzuki Access 125
  • Yamaha Fascino
  • United Scooty 70cc
  • Road Prince Robinson 70cc

Which electric scooter is under 1 lakh in Pakistan?

Evee Electric is an electric scooter which is under 1 lakh in Pakistan.

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